Review Course Information

The SICP Signature RCIS Review Course is designed to review information for the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) RCIS invasive registry exam. This course will help you identify areas in which you need to concentrate your self study, or will serve as an overview for those who are preparing to take the exam.

We will send speakers to your facility to teach the course and you have the option of keeping this course closed for just your staff or opening it up to surrounding facilities.  We offer one or two or even three day courses and work with you to create an agenda to fit the needs of your facility.  We have several sample agendas to start from but always tailor them to fit your needs.

The price for a review course can range from $6,000-$10,000 depending on how much your facility can provide, such as meeting space, AV equiptment, and food and beverage.  If your facility can provide the meeting space, AV equiptment etc then depending on a couple more factors it will be on the lower end of that range.  

The SICP generally likes to have at least 90 days to plan and implement a course.  The fee for the course covers registration for your employees to attend the course, CEUs, speaker travel and expenses, handouts and materials, as well as administrative fees.

We like to quote each course separately because we want to reduce your cost when possible depending on what you can provide and where our instructors are coming from etc. If you are interested in opening your course to facilities in your surrounding areas this can also reduce your over all cost.

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