RCIS Course Testimonials

More testimonials to come!  

I attended the Danville RCES sessions and cannot express my gratitude to SICP for another great review course. I am RCIS certified and attended a course in NY in 2007 as prep. It was so helpful ! The RCES review was with Megan and Susie and they were incredible !! They filled in the gaps and clarified my understanding of EGMs like no one could !! I'm ready to sit for the exam!! Thank you and all at SICP !!
Rosann R Whedbee-Vendetti RN MS RCIS CCRN

 "I attended the Dallas review and just wanted to let you all know that I PASSED! I passed as a student. I haven't even graduated yet."  - Shelly Brown

  I took and passed the RCIS this past October. The class you guys offer was a great help!  I hope more people take advantage of the great information your speakers share!!

Well worth the time and money to attend!!”--Daniel Haddad, RCIS, SGT(P), USA


“And may I say, I recently attended a SICP RCIS Review Course conducted by Ms. Sally Elliot. She came to Boston and joined us at Massachusetts General Hospital, and she was Fantastic!! We all benefited from her knowledgeable, enthusiastic, upbeat and information-laden presentation.”- Anthony Banks, Randolph, MA. 


My co-worker, Ramon, and I were at the SICP RCES Review Course in Plano, Texas last week. It was an awesome course! We used it not only as a review course, but also as an educational tool. In my last job, I was involved in EP procedures and it was a great refresher that brought me “home.” In my current job, we do Device Implantations and I enjoyed the fact that this course explained things that I was missing from the past. Thanks you so much for coming to Texas!

Hector Cruz, Baylor Heart Hospital, Plano Texas


"WOW!!  I personally spoke to most of my team and many of the other attendees of the RCIS Review Course. Four of my staff members took the exam the following week, and all four passed.  Three more of our staff members passed over the last two weeks.

"Tom Maloney was excellent. He was able to take difficult concepts and bring them down to the basics.  Polly Keller did a good job covering very difficult topics (ECG interpretation and hemo calculations). Lauren Edgell was able to condense a huge lecture into what time was left.  Their ability to be flexible and dwell on the areas of greatest need/interest was of huge value. My staff members felt like it was a good investment of their time. In fact, the next day they bragged about how good the class was to their co-workers! 

"Our department still has work to do but this was HUGE success for us. Over 50% of our staff members have obtained the RCIS credential.  Thanks for organizing the group of instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed the review class myself!"

Joanne Zick, MHA, RCIS, RCP, RRT, RPFT

Supervisor, Invasive Cardiology, WakeMed Health & Hospitals


“The review class was exactly what we needed. Laura and Sally are extremely knowledgeable and you can tell how much love they have for teaching. We learned way more than expected and all look forward to taking/passing our RCIS exam soon.”

Ashley Hixon, Arkansas Heart Hospital, Little Rock, AR


Statement from a completed course in Cheyenne, WY

I would like to thank Nicole Shore for getting me started and communicating with me through the initial stages of setting up this program. She was very efficient and timely in getting all my questions answered, and I had many.  
 It did take a great deal of time and effort to write for Grants to pay for this endeavor.  I  applied to eight different groups for support and only received funding  from one.  I started  almost a year before the event took place. .
Michelle Eggleston took over after our commitment, and again the communication for organization was so appreciated.   I do email, and they were alway right on top of things.  If possible have the conference at your work -conference rooms- save much money for Venue and foods.
Although after working it out with a hotel it was really nice, but expensive.
The Instructors were excellent.  We had Patrick McGuire and James  Glasgow, both FSICP.  I had many positive comments.  RCIS information is complicated and these two kept things upbeat, dynamic, and informative, with a bit of humor.   Their experience and expertise added to their enjoyable lectures.
All of us could have used more Hemodynamics, but you don't always know the students that are participating.
Overall we were very pleased with the program.
Thank you for your support,
Ann Fournier RN Cath Lab.
Clinical Development Specialist