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About the Committees:

Legislative/Advocacy Committee:The key responsibilities of the Legislative/Advocacy committee will be to identify hot topics or items that may present potential issues for SICP members.  You may be asked to write an article as issues are identified, offer possible solutions or to work with the SICP Leadership or membership on   issues.  You may also be asked to monitor other associations in order to take a proactive approach to issues.  The Legislative/Advocacy Committee Chair will work closely with the SICP Leadership as needed.

 Conference Committee:  The key responsibilities for the Conference Committee are to assist with site selection and to help coordinate with staff the conference schedules and speakers.  Conference Committee is responsible for identifying topics and speakers for the Annual Meeting. You may be asked to help with registration or other aspects of the conferences onsite as needed.

 Industry Committee:  The key responsibilities of the Industry Committee are to identify and solicit sponsors for the Annual Meeting and Continuing Education Conference as well as other educational events or offerings as tasked by the Society.  This may include telephone calls, emails, or mailings to make contact and follow up with potential vendors.  The committee members will work closely with SICP staff to pass along the potential vendors so that staff may follow up and secure the sponsorship.

 Publications Committee:  The key responsibilities of the Publications Committee are to help identify or write articles and send to SICP for possible publication in Cath Lab Digest or in the eNews.  You may be asked to proofread content before submission or to determine if there are ways we can utilize the newsletter to engage other organizations. 

 Education Committee:  The key responsibilities of the Education Committee are to identify lecture topics and secure speakers working with the Conference Committee on the Annual Meeting.  Other responsibilities may include coordinating with speakers to get required documentation from speakers to staff so appropriate steps can be taken to secure Continuing Education from various other organizations.  You may also be asked to submit documentation to SICP staff and to familiarize yourself with rules and requirements concerning continuing education.  The Education Committee will also from time-to-time be asked to review a Continuing Education offering from a third party to determine if SICP credits can be awarded for the CE offering.  The Education Committee members would also be eligible to participate as Review Course Instructors. 

 Educators Committee: This committee is for the Educators by the Educators.  A group of invasive and electrophysiology instructors committed to the continued education of Invasive Cardiovascular Specialist.  This committee will be the Society’s   link to the Student population.  They will be responsible for uniting this group and bringing forth common goals and concerns to the SICP Leadership.  They are responsible for the content during the Educators Round Table session at the Annual Meeting.  The Educators Committee members would also be eligible to participate as Review Course Instructors. 

 Sub Committee-  Review Course Committee:  One of the most important SICP committees, as it is tasked with maintaining the current set of Review Course materials.  This includes a complete review every two years.  This committee is also comprised of Review Course Instructors who may travel to various facilities to present Review Course lectures ....

 Standards Committee:The key responsibilities of the Standards committee are to review currently published SICP Standards and Issues. They are also tasked with identifying and determining the need for new Standards or Issues.  The committee will also be asked to field questions from the SICP membership as needed. 

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